Convention 2017 Forms

Delegate Registration form. To be completed by Chair of each congregation.

Information and Attendance formTo be printed and circulated within congregations, with information for individuals and an attendance form for all who are attending Convention or the National Commemoration.

RWG – Grant for Local Events - Application Form.

Completed forms are to be emailed to


Childsafe - Police vetting for Staff and Volunteers

- PDF version

- Microsoft Word version

These forms are to authorise a Police check for staff and volunteers working in congregations, and are part of compliance with the Lutheran Church of New Zealand's Childsafe and Safeplace policies.

Either version of the form can be used, but if using the Microsoft Word version, please take care to ensure that the format of the document is not changed as it is completed. Instructions on submitting completed forms is included in the document.

Gateway Gift Grant Application Form

Application form for grants from the Gateway Gift. Major grant applications are due 31 July each year, and minor grant (less than $5000) applications are due 31 January, 30 April, 31 July and 31 October each year.

Hintz Fund Grant Application Form

The Hintz Fund disburses income from the estate of the late Mrs M L Hintz, for the maintenance, repair and improvement of buildings owned by the Lutheran Church of New Zealand or its congregations, departments or auxiliaries, in accordance with the terms of the will of the late Mrs Hintz. It cannot be used for any other purpose.

Dawn Corry Musician's Scholarship

The Dawn Corry Musicians’ Scholarship is offered by the Lutheran Church of New Zealand to support musicians in Lutheran congregations in New Zealand who want to commit to improving their competence to play music for worship.

Lutheran Laymen's League Grant Application Form, for applications for grants from:

  • Hetty Gudopp Fund - to facilitate longer term mission/ministry projects where there is no other source of funding within the LCNZ
  • Lillian Schwarz Memorial Fund - to provide financial support for Christian education programmes directed at persons under 30 years of age
  • Project James - to provide financial support for Christian education programmes directed at persons under 30 years of age

Lutheran Laymen's League Loan Application Form

Application form for congregations or parishes to apply for a loan from the Lutheran Laymen's League.

Lutheran Media Fund Grant Application Form

Application form for grants for media projects in LCNZ congregations and organisations.

Personal Ministry Scholarship Application Form

The Personal Ministry Scholarship is to encourage members to attend courses, seminars, conferences, etc, to be equipped for more effective ministry within their congregations and communities.

Car Loan Application Form

Travel Claim Form

Pastor Mileage Claims

  1. Pastors automatically receive payment for the first 5000km of church related travel per calendar year @ 77c/km built into the salary structure.
  2. If total church related travel exceeds 5000km, then Pastors may claim for reimbursement of the extra @ 27c/km using the Pastors Travel Claim Form. The claim can be submitted to:
    • (a) the parish, for parish related travel, or
    • (b) the LCNZ, for LCNZ business related travel* (*e.g. Church Workers Conference, attendance at Council of Synod or FAC committee etc)
  3. If a Pastor is uncertain as to whether or not they will exceed 5000km for church related travel they should hold back any claim until there is more certainty and submit this when they can show they have exceeded the 5000km threshold.
  4. If a Pastor travels for LCNZ business*, but their total annual church related travel km are less than 5000km, then there is no additional payment due to the Pastor for this travel. Instead:
    • (a) congregations may at their discretion choose to seek reimbursement of these LCNZ business* km's from the LCNZ @ 77c/km using the LCNZ travel claim form.
    • (b) any reimbursements back to congregations under 4 (a) will be refundable to the LCNZ should it be found that Pastors did exceed 5000km.  This is because the claim amount and claimant should have been as per point 2 above.  The Pastor shall then be entitled to these kms @ 27c instead.