Lutherans for Life


Who Are We?

Lutherans for Life (LFL) helps us to cherish life! LFL was established in October 1987 by the general Synod of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA and New Zealand) to promote the sanctity of life. It is accountable to the LCA through the Commission on Social and Bioethical Questions. Lutherans for Life New Zealand (LFL-NZ) has been a branch of LFL since June 1991.

God's Word helps us to understand the true value of all people, however old or young, however attractive or disfigured, however talented or limited.

LFL provides a way for Lutherans and their friends in Australia and New Zealand to grow in appreciation of God's gift of life, and to learn about the need and responsibility to care deeply for people in all stages of life.

Thus, we remind ourselves and others that human life is a gift of God and that it begins at conception. We consider important issues such as abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, embryo experimentation, genetics, childlessness, IVF, adoption, suicide and sexuality.


LFL relies on the kind support of individuals and groups. Every gift of money, time or service is appreciated. At present the fee for individual membership is $25 (per year) and for families $30. Students and pensioners pay $15. Non Lutherans may join as associates for $20 per year. Life membership is available at $200 for individuals, $300 for families and $50 for pensioners.

Further Reading

Visit Lutherans for Life Australia.


Please send inquiries, including membership of LFL-NZ, to:

Lutherans For Life New Zealand
PO Box 12294
Wellington 6144
New Zealand

Petrus Simons
Phone: (04) 476 9398