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Frequently Asked Questions

What's "Lutheran"?

The Lutheran Church was named after its founder Martin Luther, though he himself preferred that they should just be called Christians. In the 16th century, Luther challenged some of the teachings and practices of the church of his time, calling the church back to its roots in Scripture. The change that followed became known as the Reformation of the Church in Europe. He also translated the Bible from Latin into German, the language of the common people in his country. The printing press and the work of translators have now made the Bible readily available in almost every language.

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What are the basic beliefs of Lutherans?

  • Lutherans, together with all other Christians, worship the one true God who has made himself known as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • Lutherans believe that in spite of our failures and weakness, God loves every human being.
  • Lutherans believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and a true human being. Because God loves us he sent Jesus to die on the cross and rise again on the 3rd day so that we might be forgiven and welcomed back into God's family.
  • Lutherans believe that we can't earn God's love and forgiveness. It is a free gift we receive through the good news about Jesus Christ and in baptism and holy communion.
  • Lutherans believe that that Bible is the word of God which tells us the truth about what God has done for the world. The good news about Jesus is the key to understanding the Bible.

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Is it a church for German people?

While the Lutheran Church has its origins in 16th century Germany, it quickly spread to Scandinavia and then to other parts of the world. Today there are more people at worship services in Lutheran Churches in Africa than in Europe. The Lutheran Church is also strong in Asia and the Americas. In New Zealand, members of the Lutheran Church come from many different backgrounds and cultures.

A movie called "Luther - One Man had a Vision that Changed the World" was released in theatres in New Zealand and Australia in 2005. It focuses on the years from 1516 to 1530 of the Reformation of the Church in Europe, and the impact that followed Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the door of his local Wittenberg church. Check it out at a video store.

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