NZ Health and Safety Legislation

New Health and Safety legislation impacts us all...!

New health and safety legislation came into force on 4 April 2016.  This will affect LCNZ Churches and the way we engage with our people on a daily basis. In response, the InterChurch Bureau (ICB), of which the LCNZ is an active member,  has provided resources to assist you in understanding and acting on the new legislation.

It is important that LCNZ Church councils understand the implication for them of this new legislation.

The Key change is RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY. The PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) and its officers have the primary duty to ensure employees, and others affected by its work, can work in a safe and healthy environment. Note: A PCBU in the case of the LCNZ is the Church Council and they have primary responsibility, then the paid employees and then everyone else involved in the undertaking. 

Ref: ICB Health and Safety requirements for Churches and Trusts. P6 1.1

Health and Safety  Resources

InterChurch Bureau Health and Safety Workshop booklet.  This booklet contains many easy to use forms.

CLICK HERE to download the booklet

InterChurch Bureau Policies and Templates

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