ChildSafe and Safe Place



The ChildSafe policy of the Lutheran Church of Australia and the LCNZ ensures a safe environment for children including safe people and safe programs. If you are running ministry programs for children (anyone under the age of 18 years) you should be ensuring your program is compliant with the ChildSafe policy. The LCNZ Professional Standards Officer is here to support you to ensure that your church is a safe church by providing expert assistance, training, and resources.

The ChildSafe system has an online safety management site to help congregations and individuals track their progress with screening volunteers and conducting risk assessments for programs and activities.

Safe Place

The term Safe Place reflects the Lutheran Church of Australia and LCNZ's aspiration that we should be a safe place for all, where the grace of God is active, enabling wrongs to be confronted and healing brought to hurting people.

This policy covers complaints about sexual abuse or sexual harassment made against people acting on behalf of the church in any role.

To seek help or make a complaint

Phone: 0800 356 887
Mail: PO Box 519, Marden SA 5070, Australia

All calls will be responded to by a person from an independent professional team external to the LCNZ who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This specially trained person will walk with you through the process the church has established.


This means that all members of the LCNZ should be aware of the Safe Place Policy. Therefore congregations are required to alert their members to the policy at least once a year (awareness training). In addition, all employees, volunteers and committee members are required to complete Level 2 training and then Level 3 refresher training at least every three years. For details about training requirements, refer to page 10 of the 2010 Safe Policy and Procedures guide, under Awareness and Training for the Safe Place Policy.

The LCNZ provides Safe Place training as required throughout the country. Safe Place training is always delivered in conjunction with Team Member training for the ChildSafe policy as it is a co-requirement of volunteering in Children's Ministry. Please contact the Professional Standards Officer to arrange training in your congregation if you require it.